Core360°: A comprehensive, simple and unique platter to answer multifaceted requirements on “Core/IP and Applications” for CSPs/Vendors.

In recent times telecommunication and IT sector has intersected a lot and are at the verge of merge. This has put many challenges to telecommunication professionals to adapt themselves on different domains in terms of their knowledge parity and has further exerted pressure on CSPs to sort new ways for network management and tuning of their business models. Market dynamics are so rude these days that there no room for even iota of inefficiencies while adapting to such changes. Positive sides converged networks are; simplified and horizontal layers from access to application under NGN framework where it all depends how deep one can think to create new services with open models like IOT, OTT and many more. The other side is to manage this tornado which is not an easy task for telecom SMEs/CSPs. Complexity and simplicity are balancing terms in any system setup; if we create something somewhere simple it has to create complexity elsewhere, this can be on software side or process tuning or on knowledge adaptability. If we have to keep things simple to end user, we have to absorb the complexity at the back end system. Other way we can’t afford in present competitive environment.

Thanks to our new state-of-the-art tool/services offers concept i.e. Core360° which absorb multifaceted complexity of VoLte/SAE end to end eco system in multivendor environment and answers many questions of IT and telecommunication intersection. This unique solution provides a comprehensive platter to cover all latest and legacy NW management needs for operators and vendors by covering e2e chain with unique data analytics. Our tools with features rich capability and extensive experienced of our SMEs offers unique value proposition to handle planning, optimization, auto-assurance, capex management, SON, SNMP, Auto-audit, deep-drills, RCA, Change-gating, Revenue-assurance, CEM/QoE and Probing with opex efficiency at the centre


Network Auto Audit
LTE Deep Drill for all optimization needs
Single click topology creation
Automated reporting alerts
Telco-Big data analytics
Network Choking analysis
Customer experience management
Customized dashboards
Customized MobileApp extensions
Ever ready traffic modelling
Capacity optimization
Advanced SNMP
IUC Calculator
Revenue assurance
Efficient planning : Multi-vendor/Multi-Technology
Agile to adapt as per CSP setup